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Advertising copywriting

Negativity in copywriting

I’m sometimes asked whether all negativity should be avoided in copywriting, particularly advertisements. I’m not talking about ‘knocking’ ads, where a negative aspect of a competitive product or service is highlighted. Depending on the circumstances, this can either be a good or a counter-productive approach. No, in most cases, the person is referring to the Negativity in copywriting

Advertising lookalikes, plagiarism and rip-offs – there’s nothing new under the sun

Here’s an interesting site (though for a professional copywriter a slightly depressing one). – Joe La Pompe It shows great advertising ideas that have then been reproduced a few years later (or sometimes just a few months down the line)  for another client by another agency. Now, no advertising copywriter or art director worth their salt Advertising lookalikes, plagiarism and rip-offs – there’s nothing new under the sun

Should copywriting be clever?

Someone once entered this question as a search string and ended up at my site. They wouldn’t have found a direct answer there at the time, so I thought I’d give you my take on it now. My response is no, not really. Not at the expense of far more important attributes. It’s much more Should copywriting be clever?

David Abbott – an advertising great

  One of the great names of modern advertising, David Abbott, has just died. He was responsible for the iconic Economist posters. Like the one which simply stated:   “I never read The Economist” Management Trainee. Aged 42.   He wrote great ads for, among many others, Volvo, Sainsbury’s and the RSPCA. He was also the David Abbott – an advertising great

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