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If you want variety, be a freelance copywriter

I haven’t updated my blog in a long time, mainly because I’ve been so busy. To be a good writer, you have to be curious, which means that whatever you’re asked to write about, you have to take a real interest in. If you can’t do that, you shouldn’t be a copywriter.

Fortunately, for me, the sheer variety of what you do is one of the biggest pluses in what I do, and over the years I’ve learned a little about a heck of  a lot.

To give you a flavour, this is just a selection of what I’ve been doing in the last three or four months:

  • Magazine writing, interviewing, profiles and direct marketing for Everest Home Improvements. Forget the old dodgy double glazing salesman image, this is a highly successful and respected brand.
  • Editing the annual report of a leading African Bank (for the third year running).
  • A website for a new restaurant in Bahrain.
  • Two complete websites for a leading apprenticeships company.
  • High profile marketing copy for McDonalds, including the world’s biggest giveaway.
  • Website and marketing copy for a nutritional supplements company.
  • Blog posts and sales letters for a new type of property business.
  • Web and marketing copy for a Swedish online storage company.
  • B2B profiles for a Chinese marketing agency.
  • A website for a Tyne & Wear property company.
  • Case studies for a well-known international legal firm.
  • Gift pack marketing concepts for Oxfam.
  • Most recently, marketing advice, including URL choice, plus a brand new website for an old client now offering plumbing, gas and heating services in Hertfordshire.

Bored? Never!


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