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Case study writer – showcase past successes to generate new ones

What’s a great way to show people how your products or services work? How do you prove that they can make a difference to someone’s life or business? And how do you get potential clients to trust you? The answer is to showcase your success with case studies, written by a professional case study copywriter.


A case study writer can take a classic story and give it a new twist


There’s a standard three-stage approach when it comes to successful case study copywriting. The exact wording changes but the approach follows the same approach of Problem / Solution / Result.

It might be: Background / What We Did / The Difference We Made. Or any number of variants in the same vein.

It’s the standard approach because it works. And because it follows a story structure we all recognise and love – the one that starts with ‘Once Upon a Time…’ and ends with ‘…They all Lived Happily Ever After.’

Many case studies also feature an actual quote from the customer. This can really help, as it provides a further level of proof.

Other types of case study actually start from the testimonial. They construct the whole story around the first-hand experience of the person using the product or service, often via a written interview. In recent years the filmed experience has also become popular, showcasing in depth how a product or service has helped an organisation, or simply showing a person using and/or talking about it.

(As a quick aside, on my own website I use both approaches. You can read some classic case studies here and also view a short video testimonial on my home page.)

Some businesses go a step further and use Influencers. These are people who are well-known generally or admired for something particularly relevant to what is being sold and are paid to use and/or enthuse about it on social media. It’s the latest iteration of the old tactic of using a celebrity in your TV ad, with some infomercial thrown in. There are a couple of examples of these for Canon cameras in my samples below.


Case study writer – examples I’ve worked on

Below, you can see examples of some of the many case studies I’ve written or edited. They include:


Case study copywriter testimonials

”Very happy with all your work on the Landsec property showcases, thank you. Just the right tone as well.”

Alastair Potter,  MSL

”As always, I really like your work…you’ve got the tone just right.”

Jean-Paul Diaz-Caneja, Hyphen Ltd

“Network Rail was really happy with it and feels it’s been a very worthwhile  exercise, so thank you.” 

Sarah North-Coombs, Senior Account Manager, Magnet Harlequin 

“This was great!!! It is perfect. I cannot thank you enough.”

Joseph George. Joseph George Jewellery, Melbourne Australia

“Every project has been delivered on time and in a friendly manner. Peter ensures clear communications and is an invaluable asset to our team.”

Ola Niechcial, Employer Brand Lead, Aiven

Read more testimonials here


Video case study writing

A video is a great way of showcasing a successful project, product or service.

ABB – batteries industry video case study

Aiven – employee showcase video

View more video copywriting samples here


Case study copywriting for you

However you decide to do them, case studies can reap massive benefits. The simplest and lowest cost are those where I simply write up or edit the information you give me, following the classic format of Problem / Solution / Result (or however we frame it).

I can also:

  • Interview your customers to create case studies, or to follow a more bespoke question-and-answer format.
  • Formulate questions for a video interview, or interview someone being filmed, while remaining off camera myself.
  • Assist with picking the right customers to use and the angle to take.
  • Incorporate case study copywriting in other ways – as part of a brochure, press release or presentation, for example.

So, with a little help from a case study writer like me, why not get your customers to market your business?

For more details and a quote, please contact me



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