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Brochure copywriter – how to make your brochure a ‘keeper’

Even in today’s world of surfing and scrolling, there’s still a big place for brochures. After all, written collateral can be the first contact that potential customers have with your organisation.

Written well, brochures have staying power too. People keep them for weeks, months, even years. In desks, in on coffee tables, and yes, in their heads too if they’re particularly good. So when the time is right, they’re brought out and pored over. (You can pore over a brochure, but websites you just click through – or past.)

So it really is worth paying for a professional brochure copywriter. Because it’s no good having a glossy cover if what’s inside is a dull matte. 


Which sectors require brochures?

Many businesses find that, even in today’s digital world, a printed brochure is an invaluable sales tool, while having a downloadable PDF version increases its reach.

Sectors I have written brochures for in London, the UK and internationally include:

  • Property businesses, for blue chip names such as The Berkeley Group and Landsec, as well as numerous smaller and more specialist property outfits. Evocative copy sells the dream, but I’ll also research and/or check the practicalities too, like how far the transport links are and how good the local schools. Read more on my property copywriting here. 
  • Financial companies, for well-known players such as Royal London and Travelers, often to showcase a particular product or service, or to target a defined customer segment. I also wrote a complete downloadable retirement guide for Janus Henderson – you can download it here.
  • Charities, which often rely on very specific targeting. For them, printed materials are often a better approach to marketing than online options. 
  • IT companies, where handy ‘how-to’ printed guides still have a role to play, along with sales collateral for tradeshows and the like. 
  • Schools and colleges, where you’re selling a particular kind of dream, but also ensuring that all the amenities and practicalities are covered accurately, reassuringly and persuasively. 
  • Small businesses, particularly tradespeople, retailers, and those offering professional services. As well as brochures, I often write flyers and leaflets for companies like these. 

Examples of all of these are below. 

Brochure copywriting testimonials

“Thank you again for doing such a great job. This has led to more work from the client!”
T. Dooley, MediaMinster

“The brochures Peter wrote for us were excellent and have been extremely well received.”
Christian Amicabile, General Manager, Candywall Ltd

“It looks very good to me so there is no need to change anything! Thanks again for your professional work.”
Damian Klimek, Klimstar Builders

” I am very pleased with what you have produced, thank you.”
Reverend Tim Harford, Director of Fundraising and Communications, USPG 

“Thank you for your work. I must say it´s really good, it was a pleasure to read the paper.”
Victoria Vinogradova, Marketing Manager, Kaspersky Lab, Russia

Read more testimonials here



Why you need a brochure copywriter

You don’t need to splash out on expensive photography or shiny paper for your brochure. But skimping on professional brochure copywriting can be a costly mistake. Are you communicating the right messages, emphasising benefits, not just features? Are you saying too much, too little – or giving out the wrong signals altogether? Is your grammar, spelling and punctuation word perfect?

That’s why it’s always worth getting a professional copywriter to write your sales literature. Alternatively, if you’ve already produced your own brochure, and it’s not working as well as you hoped, why not ask me to review it? For details, please see my copy critique service

Other brochures are shown on my direct response page, and you may also want to look at my newsletter samples.


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