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British copywriter – proven success with clients globally

Are you based outside the UK but looking for an experienced, effective British copywriter?

I was born in and live in London, UK, and my native language is English. I’ve worked with clients from more than 30 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America, delivering professional website content, advertising, sales collateral and much else. Wherever your business is based, I can help deliver more awareness, more visitors, and more sales.

You will benefit from persuasive, informative copywriting in British English – the preferred standard for many businesses operating worldwide, and the variant which most non-native speakers adopt.

Effective British English copywriting across five continents

The map at the top of this page shows countries I have experience with, writing for individual professionals as well as organisations of all sizes.


1. Europe

Both EU and non EU countries, across a wide variety of sectors, and including websites, sales collateral and newsletters.


Provideam Software, Ireland – web copy, press releases

Pyrenees Mountain Tours, France – website content & SEO guidance

Amadeus Travel Solutions, Spain and Germany – brochures, travel web content, newsletter writing

Mannheimer Marketing, Germany – brochures

Marta Jonsson designs, Iceland – luxury product copy

The English Academy, Belgium – website copy

Mostphotos Stock Agency, Sweden – small business website copy

Lacrosse Translations, Poland – brochure

Frank Communications, Norway – client brochures

Crown James Gaming, Malta – microsite

4Finance, Poland – web content

Hendrikka Waage, Iceland – luxury clothing

Kiliaro, Sweden – web copy, press releases, LinkedIn posts, video copywriting

Brandlab, Norway – video copywriting

Yanmar Construction Europe – complete website rewrite (60+ pages) – see the Yanmar construction website

Första Entreprenörsfonden, Sweden – investment document editing

Stokke Furniture and Accessories for Children, Norway – brochures

Coca-Cola HBC (various European countries) – web copy, sales collateral

Ball Packaging, Germany –  blog copywriting

ABB Ltd, Switzerland and Sweden – tech sector videos, web copy, internal documents

Andermatt Swiss Alps – property brochure

Fondy, Ukraine –  payment provider financial website

Aiven, Finland – employee engagement web copy and video script writing


2. Middle East

Mostly websites, including very large sites for blue chip clients, but also a lot of copy editing and checking of internal documents, reports, presentations and so on.

Zu’bi & Partners Law Firm, Bahrain – website copywriting & optimisation

Orange Tree Nursery, Dubai – website & SEO guidance

BUPA Arabia, Saudi Arabia – website copy ( 80+ pages)

Emirates Airlines, Dubai – specialist microsite (50+ pages) for the luxury travel market

PRIME Instant Offices & Business Centre, Bahrain – website, SEO guidance, sales collateral – read a case study for PRIME Bahrain

Reza Group, Saudi Arabia – website copywriting

Lusail Investments, Bahrain – financial website content

eDesign, Saudi Arabia – sales collateral, web content

Sakan Real Estate, Lebanon – real estate website copy & SEO guidance

CDW Middle East – website content

Aramco – employee engagement collateral

Zeitna – olive oils from Palestine and Jordan



3. Other countries

Websites, sales collateral, consumer advertising across many countries, including turning American content into British English.

Airbnb, USA – 300+ ‘Select’ property listings in UK, US, Canada, Italy, Spain, South Africa, China, Australia, New Zealand

Joseph George Jewellery, Australia  – web copywriting

Moophi Beauty Products, Malaysia – writing a microsite

Access Bank, Nigeria – annual report editing (every year 2015 – 2020)

Hessel Trading, Russia – web copywriting

The Snowflake Ball, Canada – charity auction copy

Shell Nigeria – website copywriting

Technology Banker, Nigeria – advertising, sales collateral

RCI Affiliates, USA – press ads

New Masters Wines – Australia – advertising copywriting and web copy

Art Lagos, Nigeria – brochures

Yekea, China – retail copywriting

Sunon Global, China – web copy, infographics, brochures

CDW Africa – website content – see the CDW Africa website

JuJu Suite, USA – web copy anglicisation and editing

Walden University, USA – web copy and brochures

Paradise Island, Cape Verde – investor presentation

Kaspersky, Russia – white paper and VPN digital copy

Hoymiles Solar, China – blog posts


Better website content – and rankings – wherever you are

If you are keen to attract  customers from outside your own country, your prime marketing tool is likely to be your website, and if it’s written in the right way then you can attract customers from all over the world.

That’s why I offer copy-optimised sites – researching what terms people search with globally or in specific countries, then picking the right ones and using them in the right places to ensure high rankings. For some examples, see my SEO copywriting page


Copy Anglicisation or Global Transcreation

I can ensure that your services or products sound great whoever is reading them and wherever they are reading them from.

  • US to UK English – if you have American content you would like anglicised, I know the US well and lived there for nearly two years, so have a good ear and eye for changing spellings and expressions but keeping the same sentiments.
  • Other copy localisation – whatever the original language, I can ensure that your communications work well in the markets that matter.
  • English editing – if you have some existing content and the English is not good, don’t worry. I can smarten it up so that it sounds good and the spelling, punctuation and grammar are just right. Quick, easy and very cost-effective.
  • Global effectiveness – I make sure that I use straightforward words, without phrases or words that only a British person would appreciate. Anyone speaking basic English will be able to understand what I write, wherever they are from.


Is English not your first language?

I can proofread and edit your letters, presentations or LinkedIn profile, and turn any marketing communications into excellent business English.

It’s fast and cost-effective, and you’re guaranteed accuracy and high quality, every time.

Simply contact me now


What overseas clients are saying

“A well prepared write up that leaves no room for any comment other than praise.”

S.I. Al-Inaizi, Bee’ah, Saudi Arabia 

“This was great!!! It is perfect. I cannot thank you enough.”
Joseph George. Joseph George Jewellery, Melbourne Australia

“Thank you very much for the outcome and the timing 😉

Stefano Manzi, Country Manager, Cleanzy, Italy

“You did a great job with our website – a lot of people are calling.”
Vojtec Gutak, Rob’s Decorators

“The rankings are very good! Thank you so much. Your copywriting obviously worked wonders!”
Emma Curtis-Smith, Marketing Manager, Prime Instant Offices, Bahrain

“We are very happy with the new website content you have written for us.”
Steven Forsyth, Partner, Celtic Wedding Rings, Ireland

“Thanks for all your consistent hard work – you’ve been such a valuable asset to the Airbnb Plus project and I appreciate your thoughtfulness and dependability!”

Jane Mulcahy, Senior Project Manager, World Writers, USA 

“Et nous souhaitons vous remercier, ainsi que Peter pour la qualité des textes. Vous faites un travail merveilleux !”

David Juan Oliva, Customer Success Director, Lionbridge, Belgium


Read many more testimonials from overseas and UK clients here


Professional copywriting by a British copywriter – find out more

You can see numerous other examples of website copy, adverts, brochures, and more that I’ve written in my work samples section

To discuss your needs and for a no-obligation quote, please call  +44 (0) 7767 687524 or email or complete the form below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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