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Copy critique

Maybe you’re waiting to run an ad or send out a letter, mailer or brochure, and feel it’s not quite right. Perhaps it’s already gone out – only to be met with poor response. Alternatively, you may feel your website isn’t attracting the customers (or the search engines).

Show me your website, advertisement, mailer, sales letter, or brochure and I’ll write you a copy critique – a detailed written report giving you my views, together with guidelines for making improvements.

10 ways for a copy critique to improve your communications

The report is far more than just a copy critique. I’ll indicate how to improve your results by focusing on the following areas:

* Strategy
* Unique Selling Point
* Audience
* Concept / Headline
* Offer
* Copy
* Art Direction / Design
* Medium
* Accessibility
* Timing

With websites, I can also include a critique of your keyword strategy and related content.

I also include a free phone consultation (up to half an hour) to give you further pointers.

What will the critique cost?

The cost is £200 (plus VAT for UK clients). That’s the equivalent of about 240 US dollars or 225 euros.

This cover a basic website or sales letter or email campaign. For large websites or more than one piece the cost will be a little more – please contact me for details.

Why not give it a go? You’ve got very little to lose – and potentially a great deal to gain.

For details, please contact me

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