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Financial Copywriter – clear, compliant and results-oriented copy

My experience as a financial copywriter spans over 25 years. From big brand consumer advertising through to writing fin-tech blog posts via multiple award-winning direct response advertising, I can deliver the clear messaging and persuasive financial services content you are looking for, to both specialist and lay financial audiences.

Media:  websites (including SEO advisory), videos, annual report editing, direct response, recruitment ads & employee engagement, digital advertising, white papers, blog posts, social media, html emails.

Clients: leading UK and international banks, fintech providers, merchant banks, financial advisers, insurance brokers, financial services providers, compliance advisers, foreign exchange companies, spread betting and forex trading specialists.


Consumer Duty copywriter  – rewriting your financial communications

The initial FCA Consumer Duty legislation took effect on 31st July 2023. It requires all financial organisations to ensure that their customers can choose products and services that meet their needs. and receive communications that they can understand.

Many firms are having to take a long, hard look at their current customer communications. The good news is that I can edit or rewrite what you have to ensure you comply with the regulations. At the same time, a more consumer-centric approach like this can help you keep current customers and attract new ones. 

I’ve helped a well-known UK mutual and a global asset manager with their Consumer Duty copywriting. Why not ask what I can do for your customer communications?


AI and financial copywriting – in 60 seconds

Is AI the answer for financial copywriting? Here’s a one-minute guide.


Recent financial copywriting projects

  • CMC Markets – financial spread betting guide and SEO.
  • Vanguard – web copy, articles, videos, discussion guides, print ads.
  • Janus Henderson – comprehensive retirement hub, including retirement guide, articles and videos, plus press ads, emails, landing page. Visit the retirement hub.
  • RiskScreen – financial compliance software – articles
  • Uraan Energy – investors presentation
  • American Express – small business recruitment – landing pages
  • Shepherds Friendly Mutual – Consumer Duty copywriting for ISAs and Junior ISAs
  • Miller Insurance – cargo market round table article
  • Pharmawise – investors brochure
  • Wealth Dragons – investor landing pages and brochures
  • Lazard – complete careers microsite for the US website – see the Lazard Careers website

Below are samples of these and many more of my financial copywriting projects. 


Financial copywriter – banks, investment and insurance companies



Financial copywriter – financial advisers, fintech and other service companies



Financial video script writing

Videos have a big role to play in financial marketing. As well as brand adverts like the one below, they are excellent for explaining complicated products or strategies.

This video for Janus Henderson received over one million views in less than three months, with a click-through rate on YouTube over 280% above target. The accompanying print ads and articles which I wrote delivered over three million hits. You can read a case study about it here.

For more financial sector videos, visit my video script writing page.


Financial copywriter testimonials

“Pete helped us tidy up all our marketing materials and website. The previous material had been badly translated by my French colleagues. I worked with Pete and he quickly turn around tight copy that could use to more successfully market our business in the UK.”

Tim Taylor, Aurexia UK

“We were very impressed with the quality of your work and good copywriters are hard to find these days, particularly those who combine creative and strategic words with SEO content.”

David Lee, DLB Media

“In a shocking and genuinely impressive turn of events, the clients have no feedback on either the copy changes to the web-chat or the guidelines! I just called them to double check and they were really pleased with the work! This is definitely a first in [Client Name] history. Brilliant news, thanks so much for all your help.”

Olivia Packshaw, VCCP ME


Financial copywriting and compliance

Not so long ago, the Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed financial institutions, asking how many different regulators oversaw their organisation. The most popular figure among respondents was “10 or more”.  That means whoever writes copy or content needs to be very careful what they say. I have extensive experience in writing compliant copy, and will work with your compliance team to ensure that anything I write meets all requirements. Better still, I have even written about compliance, for businesses such as MyComplianceOffice, RiskScreen and Plenitude, so have a working knowledge of subjects such as 871(m) and MiFID II.


Five reasons to choose me as your financial copywriter

  1. I’ve written for clients right across the spectrum, from big multinational banks and financial corporations through to advisers, traders and fintech providers.
  2. I’ve worked for financial clients in over 20 countries, including many businesses in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. I can write in both US and UK English.
  3. I offer a fixed price, which always includes amends if you require them – so there are no hidden costs.
  4. I never miss deadlines, and I’m always reliable and helpful.
  5. With websites and other digital copywriting, I understand SEO. If it’s important that your online copy ranks well with Google, I always include writing meta tags in the costs. I can also provide keyword guidance and suggestions.


Financial copywriter – contact me now for a free quote

To find out more about my financial copywriting services, just call  +44 (0) 7767 687524 or email or complete the form below.

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