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Financial Copywriting

My experience as a financial copywriter spans well over 20 years. From big brand consumer advertising through to writing fin-tech blog posts via multiple award-winning direct response advertising, I can deliver the clear messaging and content you are looking for, to both specialist and lay financial audiences.

Media:  annual report editing, direct response advertising, direct mail packs, recruitment ads & employee engagement, websites, digital advertising, white papers, blog posts, social media, html emails, website rebranding, SEO assistance.

Clients: leading UK and international banks, financial technology providers, merchant banks, financial advisers, insurance brokers, financial services providers, fintech specialists, compliance advisers, foreign exchange providers.

Some examples of my financial writing projects are shown below.


Financial copywriting testimonials

“Pete helped us tidy up all our marketing materials and website. The previous material had been badly translated by my French colleagues. I worked with Pete and he quickly turn around tight copy that could use to more successfully market our business in the UK.”

Tim Taylor, Aurexia UK

“We were very impressed with the quality of your work and good copywriters are hard to find these days, particularly those who combine creative and strategic words with SEO content.”

David Lee, DLB Media

“In a shocking and genuinely impressive turn of events, the clients have no feedback on either the copy changes to the web-chat or the guidelines! I just called them to double check and they were really pleased with the work! This is definitely a first in [Client Name] history. Brilliant news, thanks so much for all your help.”

Olivia Packshaw, VCCP ME


What does SEO copywriting for financial sector organisations involve?

There’s no shortage of financial products, services, news or opinions available online, so a good starting point is finding the right niches. Tailor your content to your location, specialisms and expertise, make it clear, interesting and, above all, accessible,  and you won’t go far wrong.

Financial copywriting and compliance

A few years ago, the Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed financial institutions, asking how many different regulators oversaw their organisation. The most popular figure among respondents was “10 or more”.  That means whoever writes copy or content needs to be very careful what they say. I have extensive experience in writing compliant copy, and will work with your compliance team to ensure that anything I write meets all requirements. Better still, I have even written about compliance, for businesses such as MyComplianceOffice and Plenitude, so have a working knowledge of subjects such as 871(m) and MiFID II.

 Blogging for the financial sector – useful content ideas

To many, finance is a mystery – so provide simple guides, solve problems or interpret legislation. Offer evidence-backed opinions too – which shares/insurance/pensions/mortgages to pick, which to avoid and why. And blog about relevant events, legislation, results, financial technology or simply your predictions.

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