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Video Script Writer – sell, inform or showcase your business

Videos can be a fantastic sales tool for your business. They can sell, explain, engage and inspire. They can bring many more people to your website, get them to stay there, and convert them into customers. But the scripts need to be targeted, concise and persuasive – which is where a professional video script writer can make all the difference. 


Why you should consider creating more videos

With today’s technology it’s easy to make effective low-cost videos and you can use them for all kinds of purposes:

  • An introduction to you and your business
  • Showcases for key individual products or services
  • Event videos – introductions, teasers or reports fr internal or external event
  • TV-style adverts to promote your brand or launch a campaign
  • ‘How to’ explainers for processes or complex offerings
  • Interviews – with stakeholders, customers or influencers
  • Case studies, testimonials and reviews
  • Blog posts – personal opinions, new releases, industry news and more

In each case, it’s vital that your message is clear, persuasive and concise – which is where I can help.


A video copywriter who can showcase your business

I’ve written videos for many sectors, including Financial, Property, IT, Employee Engagement and Travel .

My experience also covers TV and numerous radio commercials.

As well as writing powerful video scripts I can advise on how to get the most out of them. The pages and the topics that could benefit from videos. Plus how they can get more views – and give y9our wider business more impetus.

I can (and usually do) suggest visuals to go with the scripts. Recommend voiceover types, sound effects and so on – and work with your designers to ensure your video looks as good as the message it conveys.

You can also get me to write discussion guides for longer video pieces or podcasts – tailoring and structuring the format and approach to ensure the right messages are covered in the right way.


Video scriptwriting samples

Janus Henderson financial consumer campaign – The Big 5-Oh

How to invest in investment trusts 

Trust TV – investing discussion guide)

Cloud Bridge – AWS migration (1)

Cloud Bridge – AWS migration (2)

Kiliaro – Event Sharing explainer

Kiliaro social media app

Kiliaro – IPO – social media app

Hackney Sheep Lane – property showcase

Hampton Tower, Canary Wharf – shared living explainer

EY – Business and technology recruitment

Vanguard Sustainable Life portfolio

Vanguard – Indexing funds – specialist finance

Vanguard – Active Fixed Income funds

Norwegian Oil Fund – infomercial

New Caspian City Dagestan – infomercial

CPNI – It’s Ok To Say – official UK workplace security initiative

Janus Henderson – Your Most Important Investment – consumer campaign

ABB Measurement – IT case study

Aiven – Employee Engagement interview edits

Landsec – architect interview

Trent Park – development showcase


Video script writing and SEO

My professional video copywriting can also ensure your videos are a big hit with another important audience – search engines.

While Google and the rest can’t go through videos indexing keyword items the way they can with regular text, there are numerous ways in which well-written video scripts can help with search engine optimisation.

Simply having a video on a page can be a big help in itself. One of the key ways in which Google and other search engines rank pages is by how much time visitors spend there and what they do next. An eye-catching and effective video can dramatically increase time on the page – and conversions.

Your videos can appear in the search engine results as well. For certain queries, such as answers to common questions, Google will give them extra prominence. It’s also been found that if Google shows a video thumbnail next to a result, people are more likely to click on it.

Finally, people like to share videos – the right videos can give your social media presence a real boost and bring you more backlinks.

Make sure your videos are on YouTube as well, complete with proper titles, descriptions and tags featuring likely search terms (writing these is all part of my service). This gives them more visibility and extra oomph generally. YouTube also make it easy for you to see likes (and dislikes) as well as comments, helping you to finetune your marketing.

Video script writer – contact me now for a free quote 

To find out more about my video script copywriting services, just call  +44 (0) 7767 687524 or email or complete the form below.

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