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15 years and counting – a business website copywriting record?




One of the first website projects I wrote as a freelance copywriter, around 15 years ago, was for Edradour, which has the distinction of being the smallest whisky distillery in Scotland.

I was asked to write some little stories for the website, following the theme of ‘Enjoy life’s small victories”. This I did, writing half a dozen short stories, around golf, chess, shooting, fishing, skimming stones and toy soldiers.

Each of these stories comes up at random when you enter the URL:  By refreshing the page, you can read more of the introductory stories if you want to. Otherwise you just click through to the main website.

I also wrote the content for the main site. Most of it has gone or changed over the years (and Edradour has swapped digital agencies at least once during that time).  But 15 years on, those introductory stories still remain, along with a few parts of the main site I can’t think of any other business website which has remained as constant in the way it presents itself.

A bit like one of those ‘control’ letters or ads for direct response communications that continues to out-pull all the new routes that are tried, they remain unchanging, yet effective as ever. For such a transient and fast-changing medium as the web, it’s rather reassuring.

[December 2015, edited to add: Edradour now has a brand new website and my copy has now disappeared after more than 15 years.]


If you would like your website written, I specialise in both copywriting for large websites and blue chip brands and small business website copywriting. You can also read some copywriting case studies.

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