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Website copywriter – blue chip clients

I’ve been a website copywriter for many major brands, from complete sites of 100+ pages through to microsites for sub-brands or special promotions. Below, I’ve listed some of the challenges of copywriting for websites of major brands, plus reasons for choosing me to write for you, whether you’re based like me in London or anywhere in the world.

First, however, some examples of what I’ve written.

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Website copywriting for big brands

Here are just some of the issues at stake when writing web copy for blue chip organisations:

Multiple pages – the sheer number of pages can be a significant challenge. Which do you prioritise? Have you made the right choices? How do you deliver a large site on time and on budget?

Navigation – how do these pages fit together? Is there a logical sequence? How do you avoid ‘orphan’ pages which are hard to find or don’t link to others? I understand the challenges and can advise on site structure, including adding, subtracting or refocusing pages to deliver a better user experience.

Tone of voice – how do you ensure consistency throughout? What if the basic content comes from several disparate sources? How can you be sure that brand guidelines are adhered to throughout? What if you need someone who can not just write, but talk – interviewing stakeholders to source the right content?

Compliance – how do you ensure writing is clear and persuasive but also compliant? With financial and pharmaceutical brands in particular, this is often a major consideration. I know the basics of what can or can’t be said in each case, and can work with your compliance professionals to ensure all requirements are met.

Microsites – how do you deliver a unique experience while still maintaining brand values? How do you link with other media, social activity or promotions? How do you deliver maximum impact in a limited time period?

SEO – is it important that your site is found on Google? Do you need to take account of online advertising, Google AdWords or SEO company campaigns?  SEO can be as important for big businesses as small ones, and you need a writer who understands the challenges involved. (For more details here, see my SEO copywriting page).

Worldwide audiences – big brand websites generate high levels of traffic, and are often expected to resonate with visitors worldwide. Does your copywriter know how to write for worldwide audiences? And what if your business is based outside the UK? They should have experience of delivering copywriting for overseas clients

Website copywriting experience that counts

Many of the website examples shown above involved just these kinds of challenges. Whatever the size of the website, I can help you formulate what’s required, liaise with all stakeholders, and deliver professional, effective and brand-consistent copy that resonates with potential customers. If required, I can also ensure it impresses the search engines too.

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