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Website copywriting for small businesses that makes a big impact

A website for a small business is generally its number one marketing tool, so getting the content right is absolutely vital. Website copywriting for small businesses offers a number of challenges, which I’ve gone through below. First, though, have a look at some of the small business website copywriting:

(Other examples of online and printed work for small businesses can be found under copywriting services)


Testimonial from a small business

More testimonials


AI and small business website copywriting – in 60 seconds

Content for your website – is AI the answer? Find out in 60 seconds.

How much should a small business budget for web copy?

This is the number one challenge for most start-ups. You may have spent a fair amount on the design, but the best-looking website in the world is useless if no-one finds it, and if visitors don’t turn into customers.

Once you have the basic design, adding a new page to a website takes five minutes. But writing that page takes much longer – so please understand that I will charge accordingly. There are plenty of people out there offering ‘content’ for a few pounds a page.  But if you want writing that works, it is going to cost more. And if you have anything other than a very small site, always expect to pay more for the content than the design.

In the long run, it’s far cheaper than having poor quality copy.


Should you write your website yourself?

It’s tempting to save on costs by writing a website yourself or getting a colleague to do it. But nine times out of ten it’s a false economy.

Professional website copywriting will likely cost you much less than designing and maintaining your site. Yet without a website copywriter, you could be undoing all the other good work – and costing yourself lost business.

Here’s how Jill Whalen, international SEO expert and Founder of High Rankings® puts it:

“I cannot stress enough the importance of hiring a professional website copywriter to work on the important pages of your site. This is the single most important investment you can make for your site and your business.”

Whoever writes your content needs to have excellent written English. To understand marketing and what potential customers want to hear (not the same as what you might want to say). And to thoroughly understand how websites and search engine optimisation work.


Should you use AI to write your website?

In short, no. (See the 60-second video above.)


English not your first language?

It can be tough making a success of your small business in English-speaking markets when your English isn’t great. But don’t worry – I can proofread and edit your letters, presentations or any marketing communications into excellent business English. For more details, see my copywriting for overseas clients.


SEO copy – make sure your site is found

The way a site is written and the search terms you use within it are the single most important factor for where it’s going to rank on Google. Use a writer who knows how to pick the right words for search engines as well as customers, and you’ve got a massive head start.

It’s also much, much less expensive than using Google AdWords or paying an SEO company month after month.

If it’s important that prospective customers can find your website on Google and other search engines (and for 90% of small businesses it is), I always factor in keyword research and analysis when quoting. (Something else which cheap content writers won’t give you.)

For more details on why this is so important, please see SEO copywriting.

You can also read an SEO copywriting case study for Outlet Property


Small business websites outside the UK

If you’re a small business owner based outside the UK, you face further challenges.

If your main market is going to be the USA, then use an American copywriter. But if you are looking to attract clients from elsewhere in the English-speaking world or those for whom English is a second language, then a British copywriter is going to much better for your business. So you’re going to need to work with, and trust, a writer based outside your country.

You also need a writer who understands search engine optimisation as it applies worldwide. How often is a particular term searched for in your country? Or in other countries or markets? It all makes a difference as to how a site is written.

I have extensive experience of working with small businesses and individual professionals all over the world. I will make sure that wherever you are, you get a well-written, successful website (there are some samples of websites for overseas clients shown above).

For more details, see my overseas clients page

You can also read a case study for a Bahraini business


Small business websites I’ve written

Recent examples of sites include:


Small business website copywriter – contact me for a quote 

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