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What was the world’s first long copy direct response letter?

St Paul the letter writer

How long do you think direct response letters have been around? A hundred years? A hundred and fifty?

And who invented them? Surely it was either us British or the Americans?

Wrong on all counts. The first direct response letter was written over two thousand years ago. You can find it in the Bible. It was St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians.

It has everything, including the classic AIDA formula (Action, Insight, Desire, Action), together with a great planning insight, a winning offer and a clear response mechanism. All in lots and lots of detail. Not to mention a trusted brand to back it up – God (assuming you’re a Christian of course).

You can read it in full here 

To see some direct mail letter samples of mine (none, alas, as influential as St Paul’s, although they did win a fair few customers), see my direct response copywriting page

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