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SEO for small businesses? DIY!

Here’s a recent article by Jenny Hirschkorn from the Daily Telegraph about SEO for small businesses.

I’m glad to say that it mirrors what I’ve always maintained: nearly every small business should be doing their own SEO.  Except in special circumstances, such as getting rid of bad links accumulated through outdated or bad (‘black hat’) SEO practice, it’s not just more cost-effective to do your own SEO, it’s often more effective full stop.

However, you first need to get the basics right:

– Have a good, well-designed site that’s easy for visitors (and search engines to navigate).

– Make sure all the tags are in place

– Feature plenty of  interesting, persuasive, relevant copy which you regularly update.

– Make sure that content mentions words and phrases that people would search for.

– Take a little to time to regularly build links. Not lots, just a few good ones from trusted, relevant sites.

– Check your analytics regularly. This lets you see what’s working and what isn’t, where your visitors are from, how long they spend on your site, what pages they look at and much more.

I can provide and/or advise on all of the above. My particular expertise is researching keyword terms (the most obvious ones are often not the best) and then writing the copy. However, I can also offer, via a business partner, excellent low-cost Google-friendly website design. And with any website copywriting project, I also always provide my own guide to simple steps a small business can take to help keep their search engine rankings up.


You can see some examples of my SEO copywriting on various pages of this site, including website copy for small businesses, plus SEO copywriting results. For details, please contact me





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