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Buying books – an awful realisation

Like most copywriters I love reading and do quite a bit of it, especially at night as I’m not a great sleeper. I enjoy reading about a wide variety of subjects, and chances are that at any one time, I’ll have three or four quite different books and a magazine or two on the go. I also buy a lot of books – sometimes in bookshops, quite often second-hand copies in charity shops, occasionally on Amazon and so on.

Not so long ago, I had what I think alcoholics call a moment of clarity. Even if I was to up my reading levels considerably, at the rate I was buying books I would never have a chance to read them all before I died (and I’m still comparatively young). Yikes.

So nowadays I try and buy fewer books. I’m also less likely to go for those ‘maybe’ titles that might be a good read or might not. But I’m not like some people, who will frequently start a book and then not bother to finish it. It has to be a truly bad read for me to discard it partially unread.


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