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Is this the worst spam email ever?




The above email arrived in the spam filter of my email account today.

That’s it in its entirety, apart from the blocked images, which I wasn’t about to open.

Note the heading, which lacks any kind of promise, and actually starts with the word ‘Spam’.

And look at the copy. Just two sentences that are meant to convince me that my road to riches is assured. (And what riches! “$250,000,000 Million United States Dollars” comes to 250 trillion dollars in total – about twenty times the entire GDP of the USA. Fatimah, that’s awfully generous of you.)

I mean whatever happened to the AIDA approach? (That’s Attention, Interest, Desire, Action – the classic formula for successful direct response advertising).

No juicy details about where the money came from. No sob story about being unable to get hold of the money herself. No attempt at gaining my confidence. Not even anything about getting a percentage, but telling me that I’ve been picked to receive the full inheritance. (She’s not even going to leave a few million of it to a cat’s home or donkey sanctuary, which seems a little mean. )

It’s almost as if these scammers have given up trying.


For some (hopefully rather better) email copywriting or other copywriting, please follow the links.


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