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Latest projects and site updates

–  A major project editing sales literature, adapting tone of voice and even some conceptual work for a leading financial company.

– Writing two new websites for Yorkshire care homes, plus some sales collateral.

– More work for regular clients like Redlet. Outreach International, Outlet Property, and Maths on Screen.

– A new project for an old client from Sweden.

– A new website for an old client, Rob’s Decorators – copy and design on this one.

– I’m also looking at a new project for an old client who creates games, helping him to write the rules for his latest brainchild.

Plus doing a bit of unpaid editing advice on a new fishing book about barbel. A labour of love for an angler like me.

I’ve also been redoing some of the tags and copy on my website to keep trying to tickle Google’s fancy.

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