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KPMG Slant – Thought Leadership Resource Copywriting

Slant was a regular series produced by KPMG which focused on different topics. It had its own microsite and included various thought leadership pieces, as well as debate topics.

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The digital crossroads

Technology has revolutionised the day-to-day lives of individuals and organisations alike. But if we’re to continue to benefit and to profit from it, and if we’re to minimise the potential downsides, we’re going to have make some choices. Now is the time to take a good look at where we are with technology, where we want to be, and the routes to take to get there.

UK tech: moving beyond the start-up mindset

Tech companies are springing up throughout the UK, and there’s seed funding and other support available for them. What’s missing is the phase two investment to turn fledgling businesses into the tech giants of tomorrow. Read more

Debate: Do we need an internet privacy charter?

With internet privacy becoming a major issue, a special charter could be good for individuals – but what about the organisations who might choose to sign up to it? Experience two strongly opposing views and decide for yourself. Read more

Debate: Is internet security and privacy an individual responsibility?

Is ensuring security and privacy online purely a personal issue? Is it even realistic to expect privacy online – or effective legislation to enforce it? Two experts go head to head on the issues. Read more

When online goes offline: considering total internet failure

Organisations are worryingly complacent about the internet, taking its reliability for granted. However, it’s surprisingly fragile, dependent on uncontrollable factors, and with no-one bearing overall responsibility. Plus the more the internet grows and the more dependent we become on it, the more the risks multiply – and the more we should prepare for extended outage. Read more

Tech risk – tackling reactivity and under-investment

Organisations need to be proactive rather than reactive, anticipating IT failure as a certainty rather than a possibility. This means investing in the right procedures and tools to minimise and recover from disaster, and introducing or enhancing the role of Chief Technology Risk Officer. Read more

Silicon UK – what’s not to like?

With technology becoming ever-more pervasive across all sectors, the government is putting its weight behind a strong UK technology sector. Factor in the UK’s track record of innovation and creativity, together with the status of London as one of the world’s great cities, and it’s clear that the UK is a highly attractive environment for tech companies. Read more

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