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Website copywriting case study for Lash Lab beauty salon


Lash Lab was set up in 2010. Based in East London, it’s a beauty salon that specialises in semi-permanent eyelash extensions. This is a fast-growing and competitive field, and ranking high with Google was essential, but the budget was tight.


Initial keyword research is always vital before any copy is written, and in this case it proved very revealing. First, it confirmed that people regularly searched for this kind of service, and it also showed which search words they used. Even better, we were able to concentrate on just a few key terms.

With many services or products, there can be any number of different combinations of words which people search with, but for Lash Lab, choosing just four key terms to target covered the majority of relevant searches: eyelash salon; lash salon; eyelash extensions London; lash extensions London.

Optimisation works best by focusing on just one or two keyword terms per page. Narrowing it down to four main phrases meant we were able to save money by having a compact site of just a few pages.

As ever, the other consideration was to ensure that the keywords terms were used in the right places and in such a way that the copy still read well to potential customers.


The results have been excellent. Lash Lab is thriving, and, apart from personal recommendations, gets all of its business via the natural search engine results. Not surprising, given the Google results the website has achieved:

  • 1 out of 4,690,000 hits for Lash Salon London
  • 1 out of 2,360,000 hits for Eyelash Salon London
  • 8 out of 17,900,000 hits for Lashes London
  • 2 out of 15,900.000 hits for Eyelash Salon

Source: UK Google searches May 2013

Client testimonial

‘I’m really pleased with the results – we’re working at maximum capacity.’
Kym Su, Founder, Lash Lab

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