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Website copywriting and marketing case study for Outreach International


Outreach International specialises in sending volunteers overseas to work in countries as diverse as Cambodia, Mexico, Ecuador, Kenya and Nepal. Established since 1998, they’ve had a website for many years, but were finding it hard to maintain their success in the face of increasing competition.

Their problem was two-fold. One, to enable people to find them online. And two, to clarify their offering and points of difference and to persuade would-be volunteers to contact them rather than their competitors.


The first task, as always, was to do keyword research. With all kinds of different volunteer projects across many different countries, the potential search terms were vast. However, one advantage was that the website is and was a large one, thereby allowing for the optimisation of many different terms.

By checking all the various permutations and cross-referencing with actual searches on Google, I was able to make a series of recommendations for partial rewrite of the site, together with introducing a few new pages. There were already over 100 pages on the site, so it was a massive job. At the same time, I helped rethink their whole approach to marketing themselves online, from the page content and structure through to site navigation, title and page description tags and even the way different pages are named.

Over the past few years, I’ve continued to work with Outreach as they add new products and services. As well as creating and editing web pages, I’ve been advising them on marketing generally, including the use of social media, videos, customer relationship marketing and so on.

They are currently launching a new sister company, complete with a separate website. My work here is involving everything from URL choice to developing the offering as a whole.


In a difficult, highly competitive market, Outreach continues to prosper. Between June and November 2011, the number of hits per month, already high, increased by over 40%.

They continue to rank well for many popular search terms on Google, including:

  • 7 out of 1,240,000 hits for Volunteering Overseas
  • 3 out of 30,600,000 hits for Gap Year Mexico
  • 5 out of 1,090,000 hits for Gap Year Ecuador
  • 6 out of 1,770,000 hits for Gap Year Nepal
  • 9 out of 7,500,000 hits for Gap Year Kenya

Source: UK Google searches March 2015

Client testimonial

“Despite being a small company in a crowded market, the changes Peter made have resulted in our being on the first page of Google for numerous search terms and we’ve had many more enquiries as a result.”
James Chapman, Director, Outreach International

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