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Rive Gauche property copywriting sample

My client was an end-to-end luxury interior design company based in Paris. This was a long-form blog piece of around 1,200 words that took an in-depth look at the phenomenon of branded residences. It took a strong thought leadership position, while subtly indicating my client’s strengths.

[Copy extract]

Branded residences – our analysis of what you need to know

The first branded residence was created in a New York hotel in the 1920s and in recent years the number of hotel-based branded residences has grown apace. But so too have other types of branded residence. In this article, we’ll look at what’s behind this phenomenon, the benefits these properties can bring, and particular considerations that go into creating them, especially in the light of the current pandemic.

What are branded residences?

Today, branded residences generally refer to residential properties rather than hotels, allowing investors to buy into the luxury and status associated with a particular brand. They are essentially partnerships between the brand and a developer, working closely in conjunction with a designer – as, for example, with our work with Four Seasons on branded residences in Kazakhstan

They originated because leading hotel brands were looking to offer their high-net-worth (HNW) clients the privacy of having a private residence with the services and convenience of a hotel. These residences were created within hotels and were also useful for quick recouping of some of the substantial investment involved in hotel building.

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