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Luxury copywriting to help you sell the dream

As a luxury brand copywriter, I will highlight both the uniqueness and the desirability of your product or service – because with luxury goods you really are ‘selling the dream’.

It might be telling the story behind the creation of an item of clothing or jewellery. Perhaps it’s highlighting the quality of the materials or components. Or maybe it’s showcasing the artistry of
those behind them.

Whatever you are selling, as a luxury copywriter I will use the language and tone that connect with your chosen audience, whether they are HNW or UHNW individuals themselves, or those who aspire to that status.

Opening up a whole new world

Luxury know no borders, of course, and for those who seek it, I can help bring the riches, wonders and places of the world to life. My luxury copywriting clients are based in countries as far-apart as Iceland and Australia, or Spain and South Africa. The locations, meanwhile, are as varied as the Swiss Alps, the famed jewellery quarter of Jaipur and the most desirable arrondissements of Paris.

In some instances, the places themselves are the dream, and I have created campaigns for desirable destinations from Dubai to Cape Verde. Or perhaps it’s even more desirable to travel than to arrive – especially if your means of transport is a Jaguar car or a Celebrity cruise ship.

Here are some examples of my work for the luxury sector.

Luxury clothing and jewellery copywriting

Writing for some of the world’s finest jewellers, couturiers and designers, bringing their creations to life and making them visible to their intended audiences.



Luxury property copywriting

Showcasing the most desirable places to live, with numerous high-end property projects in the UK, as well as countries as diverse as France, Switzerland and the USA. See more property copywriting samples.




Luxury goods, services and travel copywriting

All your clients need to make life easier and more enjoyable, from enhancing the beauty of their surroundings to discovering fresh experiences and horizons. See more travel copywriting samples.





SEO and luxury copywriting

For many luxury goods brands, picking up customers who find them via an online search is an important part of their marketing. That means choosing the right keyword terms and using them in the right ways. 

It also means balancing the aspiration and desirability within copy that engages and persuades customers with the impersonal realities of what attracts Google and then other search engines.

Customers must always come first, however. The copy I write will always be natural and fluent, conveying exactly what you want it to convey. (I also write the meta tags – the off-page phrases and sentences that also make a difference in encouraging click-throughs, along with higher search engine results.)

I can additionally write social media posts to help build the excitement behind your brand, or to showcase a launch or other event. 

Luxury copywriting testimonials

“This was great!!! It is perfect. I cannot thank you enough.”
Joseph George. Joseph George Jewellery, Melbourne Australia

“We are very happy with the new website content you have written for us.”
Steven Forsyth, Partner, Celtic Wedding Rings, Ireland

“Et nous souhaitons vous remercier, ainsi que Peter pour la qualité des textes. Vous faites un travail merveilleux !” 

David Juan Oliva, Customer Success Director, Lionbridge, Belgium

“Peter’s ideas were witty and professional – right on target. He was able to turn last minute projects around quickly and was always a pleasure to work with.”
Cheryl Eisen, CEO, Saeges Ltd, New York

Luxury copywriter – contact me now for a free quote

To find out more about my luxury copywriting services, just call  +44 (0) 7767 687524 or email or complete the form below.

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