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Copywriting F.A.Q.s

What are the key reasons for choosing you as my freelance copywriter?

Here are eight key ways in which you could gain a whole lot more while paying less in the long run:

  1. I have more experience than most other writers – over 25 years, including running my own business for over 20.
  2. I’ve worked with agencies and clients of all types and sizes, with budgets from the monster to the miniscule, in new media and old, across almost every sector. I’ve been fortunate enough to win quite a few awards too. You can read some of my copywriting testimonials here.
  3. I have extensive experience working with clients worldwide, including many from Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere. For details, see my overseas clients page
  4. I have extensive experience across most sectors. That includes: Financial, Property, Travel, Legal, Technology, Luxury and Consumer Advertising.
  5. Wherever possible, I offer you extra value, in terms of marketing or other advice. I also consider not just what you ask me for in terms of copy, but your overall business needs.
  6. With websites I understand SEO, and, assuming you want your site to do well with the search engines, I include keyword research and analysis plus writing meta tags in the costs. I have a very good track record in this area – for details please see my Google results for sites I’ve copy optimised page.
  7. I offer a fixed price, which includes amends – so there are no hidden costs
  8. I’m quick, helpful and reliable, and I do not miss deadlines.

How do freelance copywriting prices like yours compare with what an  agency or other writers would charge?

I’m much cheaper than an advertising agency, and you’ll benefit from advertising agency expertise, but at much lower prices and in less time.

Regarding content agencies, some may charge less, others about the same. But I’m quicker and you’ll get a much better job – and better all-round service. For example, if I think a different approach or medium would benefit you, I’ll tell you.

As for other writers, I’m not the cheapest, but then again a cheap writer could cost you a lot of money. Beware writers who offer suspiciously low rates, or who claim to be just as good at other services like design. And watch out for suspiciously low prices, often offered as part of an overall SEO package. Google are now very good at detecting good quality copy – poorly written, spammy keyword-stuffed work will cost you dear in the long-run.

I’m just starting my own business and I’ve got next to no money – can you help?

Yes and no. If you’re just starting out and money is very tight, I’ll try and give you a good price. But please remember that I am a professional, and though I won’t charge as much as a lawyer, I cost more than a plumber or electrician. If you’ve already drafted your own copy, one option would be to take advantage of my copy critique service

I need lots of articles/blog posts for my website but have very little budget. Can you help?

Sorry, but no. Do a Google search or go to one of the freelancer umbrella sites like Elance and you’ll find lots of people out there willing to throw together poorly written content or articles for ridiculously small amounts.

Cheap copy like that can end up being very expensive – these articles are almost invariably poorly written, with bad spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as being unoriginal (or stolen in their entirety from somewhere else). In the long term, they’ll put off both the search engines and prospective customers.

However, if you want well-researched, well-written, original and interesting content, and are willing to pay for it, then please contact me

What information do you need for your copywriting project?

Generally, the more information you can give me the better. Background stuff, other examples of your advertising, what your competitors are doing, and so on. And don’t forget tone of voice, proposed structure, mandatory inclusions – everything you can think of. The more I know, the better your copy. For most projects, I provide a written brief for you to complete – it shouldn’t take long, and it ensures we’re both on the same page.

Emergency, emergency – I need something written by tomorrow morning. Can you do it?

Yes, I may be able to. However I may charge a little more if it really is last minute or involves working unsocial hours. If it’s urgent, it may be better to call me rather than email me.

Can you write me a website that will get me a first page ranking with Google?

The way a website is written is crucial to how it’s ranked by Google and the other search engines. And chances are you found my site because it came high up in a search engine listing because of the way I wrote it, so I must be doing something right.

Your overall listing is determined by a variety of factors, but the content is the most important. Websites I’ve copy optimised have all increased their rankings for relevant, popular search terms and thereby greatly increased their traffic – and without the need for expensive link building campaigns or SEO companies. I may cost more than other writers, but you can expect your investment to soon pay for itself. For more details, and for Google results with sites I’ve copy optimised, please see my SEO copywriting page.

However, please note that you can never guarantee a top placing on Google – anyone who does that is not being honest, and is either promoting terms that no-ones searches for or using ‘spamming’ techniques which will cost your site dear in the long run.

I need an ad art directed / a website designed and hosted / a mailer printed and mailed / a media schedule booked. Can you help?

Yes indeed. In fact, in the case of an ad or a website, I’d thoroughly recommend you use a professional art director or web designer, as well as me. And if you need the finished article, I can recommend highly experienced production, printing and media professionals.

I may be interested in using you for a project. What’s the procedure?

We can discuss your requirements and, if you decide to go ahead, agree a fee and a timing plan by email. That way we’re both protected. Please note that for initial projects, I do generally require 50% of the money up front – for small amounts (up to £500) it will be 100%. To get started, simply contact me

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