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How long should your brochure be?

I’m sometimes asked by clients who are looking for me to quote on copywriting their brochure, how long I think the copy should be. To which I always answer that brochures should be as long as they need to be to include the information you need to convey.

That’s it. If you’ve not got much to say, a simple four sider could be enough. Or even a two sider. Though it’s always a good idea to have a picture or some kind of illustration to break it up.

But if you need to, then go for 8, 12, 16 or even more pages. Nothing wrong with 32 pages or even 64. You’ll find that it usually only costs lightly more to design, write and print a slightly longer brochure than shoehorn everything into a shorter one.

Each page or spread should have a headline and, unless the copy is very short, subheads. If your pictures or illustrations are of something specific (as opposed to, say, smiling face stock shots) make sure you include clear captions with them.

Have a clear call to action at the end of the brochure. And, with long brochures, at regular intervals throughout. With longer brochures, have a contents section at the front. With really long ones, add an index at the back, and maybe a summary.

If your brochure is very lengthy, or if you’re issuing a series of brochures, you may want to consider having a short, separate overview brochure or flyer as well.

As ever, make sure the copy is clear, informative and interesting. Remember what your audience are looking for. Testimonials and case histories are often a good idea.

Product specs can be important too. Is it powerful enough? Will it fit through my front door? Is it compatible with what I’ve already got?

There are all kinds of things you could include or leave out. But don’t be worried about the length of the copy per se. As long as you’re saying what needs to be said, it’s the right length.


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