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Professional website copywriting will likely cost you much less than designing and maintaining your site. Yet without a website copywriter, you could be undoing all the other good work - and costing yourself lost business.

Here's how Jill Whalen, international SEO expert and Founder of High Rankings® puts it:

"I cannot stress enough the importance of hiring a professional website copywriter to work on the important pages of your site. This is the single most important investment you can make for your site and your business."


Website copywriter - SEO and much more besides

A key reason for using a freelance website copywriter is for search engine optimisation (SEO). Optimised copy can transform your search rankings - as you can see on my SEO Copywriting page

However, there's more to good website copywriting than SEO. After all, a high ranking may lead visitors to your web site, but it's up to the site itself to convince them to become customers.

Think of your website not just as your shop window, but as your advertisement. It needs to stand out from the crowd. So it's worth getting creative.

For instance, I wrote half a dozen different short stories as introductions to a whisky distillery site. You can read them by clicking on the Edradour site below and refreshing the front page a few times. Or check out the recipes on the Taste and Smile site I wrote, also below.

There are many simple ways of livening up a site. So why not talk to me about adding a little creative website copywriting to yours?

Below left - The Taste and Smile Website. Below right - The Edradour Website

Website Copywriter - Taste and Smile Website . Website Copywriter for Edradour Scotch Whisky Website

You can see many more examples of websites I've written on my Website Samples page

My new media and website copywriting experience

As well as being a website copywriter, I've worked on interactive microsites, banner ads, flash presentations, html emails and other new media areas for clients in London, the UK and elsewhere. Digital agencies, integrated agencies, direct clients ranging from big companies to individual professionals such as counsellors and sales professionals - just get in touch and find out what I could do for you.

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You can see thumbnails and find links to sites I've written on my Website Samples page

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