Radio Copywriting

In an age of digital this, social that and big budget ad campaigns, good old radio ads written by an experienced advertising copywriter can still achieve real cut-through - giving you a lot of bang for your marketing buck.

Think about it. Radio commercials can be twenty seconds to a minute of mini dramas, thrillers, romances or comedies. Or simply straight, hard-hitting sales messages - whichever gets most noticed, remembered and acted upon. All using nothing more than the power of words, sounds (and sometimes even a little deliberate silence) to deliver your message.

Here are some companies I've written UK radio ads for: Heinz, Telewest, BT, London Transport, Chemsearch, Virgin Cinemas, Lloyds of London, Royal Mail. All found that they made a real difference to their bottom line. You can listen to some of my radio advertising by going to my radio copywriting examples page.

Oh, and if you need written video scripts, telephone messages, recorded announcements and the like, I can do those too.

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