New Media Copywriting

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HTML email copywriting for Hertz
Hertz: CRM Email campaign - one of many HTML emails, plus splash pages, microsites.

Land rover 180 degree sponsorship
Land Rover: Web copy. One of many promotions / sponsorship campaigns.

Promotion for Citibank - banner ads . Promotion for Citibank - microsite
Citibank: Promotional banners and microsite.

Bacardi digital brand guidelines
Bacardi: Digital brand guidelines.

Being Girl website copy
Procter & Gamble: Web copy for the Being Girl website.

Palm promotion banner ads . Palm promotion website
Palm: Promotional banners and microsite.

Shell website copy
Shell Nigeria: Web copy for Shell Nigeria website.

Ford website copy
Ford: Complete rewrite of half the Ford UK site.

Learndirect banner ads . learndirect web copy
Learndirect: Banners and web copy.

Web copy for Dell computers (1) . Web copy for Dell computers (2)
Dell: Microsite, banners, html emails and web copy.

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