First page Google results for sites I've optimised

Google results - see the difference copy optimisation makes

These are all Google results from 28.10.14 for websites which I've copy optimised.

The figures below are for Google worldwide results from a Google London W1 location - in nearly all cases, if the 'pages from the UK' box is ticked, the results are even better.

This is simply a small selection. In each case the website concerned receives many other first page listings for relevant and frequent searches. (Google, incidentally, has over 90% of the UK search market.)

All these companies have received much higher traffic and increased business as a result. And it's essentially down to my copy optimisation, plus a few simple tips I include as part of the service. No expensive SEO campaigns or extensive back-link development. Just getting the copy and the basics right.

Copy optimisation really does make an enormous difference. Just think what it could do for your site - and ask me how I can help (Gap year volunteering in Mexico, Ecuador, The Galapagos, Kenya, Cambodia, Nepal and elsewhere)

Website copywriter - international volunteering company
2 out of 21,000,000 for Gap Year Mexico
6 out of 1,130,000 for Gap Year Ecuador
6 out of 2,090,000 for Volunteering Overseas
4 out of 110,000 for Gap Year Galapagos
5 out of 2,290,000 for Gap year Nepal
7 out of 7.090,000 for Gap year Kenya

"Traffic is now between two and three times what it was before you rewrote the site. We're getting lots of enquiries and we've very pleased." James Chapman, Director, Outreach International

Outlet Property London

3 out of 12,400,000 for Property Soho

8 out of 28,000,000 for Lets With Pets
9 out of 1,130,000 for Penthouses London
10 out of 4,870,000 for Lofts London

"Great stuff, I'm very pleased." Josh Rafter, (Counsellor based in Stoke Newington, North London.)

Website copywriting for counselling site

8 out of 5,050,000 for London Counsellor
3 & 4 out of 26,900 for Stoke Newington Counselling
2 out of 33,300 for Stoke Newington Counsellor
3 out of 294,000 for North London Counsellor

"I now have more clients than any other counsellor I know, and most of them have come via my website, written and optimised by Pete."
Kay Tromans, (Company specialising in restoration after fire, smoke or flood damage.)

Fire Flood London website copywriting

2 out of 45,900,000 for Fire Restoration London
4 out of 7,800,000 for Flood Repair London
3 out of 7,530,000 for Smoke Repair London
1 out of 6,730,000 for Smoke Restoration London
1 out of 1,330,000 for Flood Damage London

"Very pleased with the copy and SEO help - and the response!" Rose Tait, Fire Flood Restoration (International removals company specialising in London / Paris / Brussels)

Web site copywriting for international removals site

1 out of 30,300,000 for Moving Services London Paris
1 out of 1,360,000 for Removals London Paris
1 out of 2,230,000 for Removals London Brussels
5 out of 710,000 for Relocation London Brussels
3 out of 550,000 for Relocation London Paris

"I'm delighted that the amount of traffic and subsequent enquiries have increased substantially since the rewrite." Barry Humphries, MD, Minimoves (Producer of stage play DVDs for schools and theatre lovers.)

Web site copywriter - educational DVD business

2 out of 24,900,000 for Plays on DVD
3 out of 36,600,000 for Theatre on DVD
3 out of 3,830,000 for Theatre Plays on DVD
5 out of 474,000 for GCSE Plays on DVD

"You've delivered excellent rankings and the traffic levels and sales are climbing steadily as a result." Rachel Agnew, Website Manager, Stage on Screen.

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