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Brochure copywriting

Are you looking for a well-written brochure, leaflet or newsletter?

Brochures and leaflets are usually the first marketing item to be produced by a business and the first contact that potential customers will have with your organisation. So a brochure written by a professional copywriter could be the difference between you losing a sale and gaining a long-term customer.

Why you need a brochure writer

You don’t need to splash out on expensive photography or glossy paper for your brochure. But skimping on professional brochure copywriting can be a costly mistake. Are you communicating the right messages? Are you saying too much, too little – or giving out the wrong signals altogether? Is your grammar, spelling and punctuation word perfect?

That’s why it’s always worth getting a professional copywriter to write your sales literature. Alternatively, if you’ve already produced your own brochure, and it’s not working as well as you hoped, why not ask me to review it? For details, please see my copy critique service

Other brochures are shown on my direct response page, and you may also want to look at my newsletter samples

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